A Brief History Of Chickens

First off, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Why chickens? The truth is that chickens are and have been a huge part of our lives for quite some time. Everything does, after all, taste like chicken. So, why not learn a little bit about the animal that would dominate the planet.

Have you ever really sat and thought abut how the chicken came to be? Probably not and we would not blame you for it. The truth is, that the origins of this versatile bird are far from certain. It is believed that what would become the modern day chicken developed about 8000 years ago from a bird that ran wild. The species, known as the red junglefowl is still living and comparisons can be made. The modern chicken is larger, produces more eggs, is less aggressive and less social. In general, they have adapted into a bird that provides more food and is less likely to roam.

The exact location and the people who would domesticate the bird is an unknown. It is widely believed that they were domesticated in China about 5000 years ago and then spread into Europe and Africa over time. Little is definite though. There is firm evidence of the birds in Africa abut 3500 years ago but it is believed that they spread there and were not domesticated there.

Quite a mystery, right. Unfortunately, we can guess as much as we want but we will probably never have the hard evidence to pin down the exact location where they were first domesticated. All that we know for sure is that it was a very long time ago and that they have since thrived.

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