Moving Those Chickens Around

If you are big into free range chickens, like we are, you are always looking for the best methods and techniques.

One thing that you should be considering is always getting your chickens to fresh parts of a pasture. It does not take the novice farmer long to realize that chickens will quickly wear an area of land out. What once was green grass will be turned into dirt in no time.

Keeping your chickens in just one area in not good for your land and is not good for your chickens. You really should be moving your chickens around every few days. This will give your birds better nutrition and it will be better for your pasture land.

While birds can destroy an area if left in place, they can also greatly improve your soil if moved around. A little soil upheaval is good, in moderation. This means, keep those chickens on the move.

Movable Chicken Coop

The answer is a mobile chicken coop. It can allow you to move your flock around your pasture with ease.

There are all sorts of coops that you can build and there are plans for mobile chicken coops all over the internet. The variety of coops that you can make are quite varied. They can range from small coops that a man can move themselves or large ones that require a tractor.

In my early days, when I was struggling to get started, I built myself a medium size mobile coop mostly from scrap and old pallets. I didn’t have the money for a tractor, so I hauled it around with a hitch attached to a small zero turn mower. In those days, we did what we could with limited resources, even the mower was financed at a buy here pay here place.

These days we have several much larger and much more expensive mobile chicken coops. They require a tractor to move around but can move a large flock.

Build That Coop

Switching over to mobile chicken coops was the best thing that we ever did as free range chicken farmers. Not only did the birds get healthier, the pasture also became healthier. The grass was noticeably greener and healthier. Additionally, as an added benefit, odors on the farm were greatly reduced. Moving the birds around spreads out the waste allowing nature to eliminate it more effectively.

I encourage you to take action and build your coops just as soon as you can. Start small. Build a small version and then scale up as you figure out what you need. I am sure that you will see the benefit to keeping those birds on the move. I have never talked to anybody who regretted making the switch.

Best wishes and be sure to send us some pictures of your efforts.

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