The Importance Of Chickens

The domesticated chicken is f huge importance in this country and around the world. In fact, they are raised in every country around the world with one exception, Vatican City. Why is this? Easy, because they are one of the easiest forms of livestock to raise, cheap to buy and feed and extremely versatile. They can be raised for their eggs alone or for their protein rich meat. There is a reason that the expression “tastes like chicken” became popular, because everyone eats it.

So what exactly are all of the benefits to raising chickens. What makes them so important?


For starters, chicken meat is one of the most versatile around. Evey culture uses chickens for meat. It is rich in protein and can range from a fatty chicken thigh to a super lean boneless skinless chicken breast.


The incredible egg is another fantastic food source given to us by the chicken. We eat them directly and use them in other food items such as baked goods.

Insect Control

One of the great things about chickens is that they source much of their own food. They do this by eating protein rich insects. A farm with free range chickens can benefit greatly from them.


Everything from the chicken can be used, even the feather. Fiber can be sourced from the feather which can replace wood pulp in diapers and even be used in plastics. It is actually a very valuable material.

As you can see there are a lot of uses for chicken and no part of the bird needs to go to waste. Given the value of every part of the bird and the short time it takes to raise them to the age of harvest, they are truly a valuable resource.

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